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PlasmaGuard ELT™ is an air purification system that fits onto your existing HVAC unit.

Air Pollutants and Pathogens


When you go to work, school, hospitals, arenas, etc., you bring in pathogens and contaminants (viruses, bacteria, molds, allergens, etc.). These can come from anywhere and you can be spreading them without even being aware of it. 

The Power of Plasma


Once the "dirty" air enters the PlasmaGuard ELT™ system, the 60,000 volt power of our double field cold plasma technology takes over. The double field cold plasma attacks and destroys all harmful pathogens/contaminants to 0.1 microns in size. 

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Breathe Easy


Traditional UV systems are the current suggested large area contaminant destruction systems. These systems fail miserably in areas where the air is circulated. This covers all commercial areas addressed in this section. PlasmaGuard ELT™ destroys harmful pathogens/contaminants as small as 0.1 microns in size in all conditions, including rapidly moving air systems. This ensures that the purest air possible is always available to everyone. PlasmaGuard ELT™ also reduces allergens and other asthma trigger contaminants that makes large public spaces undesirable for people with allergies.

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"Dirty" Air Flows Into HVAC


The "dirty" air is then picked up by the return vents and taken to the existing HVAC unit. HVAC units without PlasmaGuard ELT™ would recycle that "dirty" air back into the school, hospital, arena, commercial building, etc. spreading it throughout and potentially infecting large groups of poeple.

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Clean Air Flow


The "clean" air then gets pushed through the duct work and back into the school, hospital, arena, commercial building, etc. This ensures that everyone is always breathing the purest air possible even in the most publicly congested areas.

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Constant Cycle of Clean Air


The PlasmaGuard ELT™ system is continuously operating with your existing HVAC systems. This ensures not only rapid pathogen/contaminant reduction, but also ensures that excess reactive ion species are always available in the air to rapidly respond to any air quality threat. This benefit ensures that your air is protected even before it enters the HVAC systems. The PlasmaGuard ELT™ system is designed to give you the ultimate in confidence that you have provided the cleanest cycle of clean air possible. 


The Design

The PlasmaGuard ELT™ design is unique in that it can be scaled up and down to fit your engineering requirements. Currently the smallest size of building starts at 3,000 sq.ft., and we have no limit to how big a unit can be manufactured. The design can be implemented in stadiums, hospitals, schools, offices, factories, etc. PlasmaGuard ELT™ is made out of the best special high-quality alloy materials and has a 25 year warranty. PlasmaGuard ELT™ combines the best in engineering, quality and adaptability to provide you the confidence of knowing you have installed the best solution possible for your air purification needs.

Contact us and let us provide you with the Solution

  1. On-site engineering visit and review if required

  2. We provide you with a detailed plan to become a Certified Clean-Air Building/Vessel 

  3. Conventional and lease financing options available

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